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Achieving wild dreams



We are passionately driven to help entrepreneurs, leaders and businesses to achieve their wildest dreams.

For this, we uncover, explore and apply principles, frameworks and patterns which lay the foundation for greatness.


We work as consultants, hands-on sparring partner and business coaches.

Business Case

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Get clear on your wildest dreams (B)

What are YOUR wildest dreams? What is the impact you want to have? Beyond the standard, general answers: What is your true north, be it for yourself or your business? What is the benefit of this? And what is the price?

Aka: Impact Stament, Vision and Mission, Price & Benefit Analysis, Clear Profile

Get aware of the starting point (A)

Where do you stand today, both on a personal and professional level? What is the status of your business? Not soft focus, but the unsparing truth. And what is the playing field you will play on?

Aka: Self-awareness, In depths analysis

How to get from A to B

What is the game plan? What are the key growth levers, both on a personal and a professional level? How can you double down on the strengths of your business and how can you level up regarding the weaknesses? How to measure progress and how do deal with all the sh*t that will happen along the way?

Aka: Strategy Development, Motivation and Volition, Performance Culture, OKRs, Mental strenghts





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Robin Klimmt, Founder, Berater, Coach

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