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Passionately driven to            help founders and visionaries realise their wildest dreams.


We are passionately driven to help entrepreneurs and visionaries realize their greatest entrepreneurial aspirations.

For this, we uncover, explore and apply principles, frameworks and patterns which lay the foundation for entrepreneurial greatness.

In a nutshell, we help you build your company operating system.

In this, we serve as coaches, sparring partners and sounding boards.

Focus areas


Leading yourself

Your leadership profile and values, personal productivity,  strengths and weaknesses, triggers and fears, boundaries...


Leading others

Effective meetings, enabling direct reports, delegation, hiring and firing, building trust, accountability, feedback...


Leading the company

Strategic narrative, company culture, alignment, OKRs/ WIGs etc, meeting cascades, change management...

Focus areas


Our approach is hands-on and focused on making you a more impactful leader. Working on your highest points of leverage involves doubling down on your strengths, but also confronting the uncomfortable and uncovering opportunities for growth.

Think of it as having a personal trainer who is dedicated to helping you realize your greatest entrepreneurial aspirations. Just like a personal trainer would do, this comes with both celebrating successes and providing candid feedback. With working on the bigger picture and the important details. With specific instructions and finding the fitting approach for you.  


And as you know from your day-to-day work, as rewarding as this journey can be, it can also be very challenging. That is why we are not only your coach, but also your sparring partner and sounding board. Committed to helping you achieve your wildest dreams.



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